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  • DAVID W PETERS, Div 30


  • CHRISTOPHER FAHRENTHOLD, Div 40, Years Of Service: 11
  • MARK A LEAHIGH, Div 16, Years Of Service: 5

Welcome to FSG

Please welcome Shawn McFarland to FSG! Shawn is a journeyman electrician at the Long Island, New York branch. Some of Shawn's interests include watching movies with his girlfriend, golfing, and refurbishing old coffee tables.  He also enjoys taking his family dog everywhere possible outdoors.  

Please welcome Jason Cantrell to FSG! Jason is a foreman at the Dallas, Texas branch and has been in the telecom industry since 1992. He has been married to his wife Allison for the last 17 years and has two children -- Sammi and Josh. Jason is a huge advocate for U.S. Veterans services and he participates in the event "Carry the Load" every year which raises money for families of fallen soldiers and first responders.  When he has time, Jason enjoys golfing, camping, and fishing.  

Please welcome Christopher Crane to FSG! Christopher is an apprentice electrician at the San Antonio, Texas branch.  He is very excited to be a part of FSG!  Christopher is originally from San Antonio and recently moved back after living in Houston for 8 years.  He is married and father of four children (3 daughters and 1 son).  Christopher is an avid photographer, camera collector, and practicing Nikon historian.